Hoping to improve your practice’s scheduling or billing? Are you interested in better communication within your team? No matter what size practice you are, and no matter what areas you would like to focus on, Banta Consulting has the program to suit your purpose. Focus on specific, priority issues with Targeted Consulting or expand your horizons with the Total TEAM Approach!

Targeted Consulting

You know what your practice needs, and Banta Consulting can help you achieve your goals. Targeted Consulting allows you to pick the issues you want to focus on, so that Lois can work with you on those key areas. Target one or more topics like:

  • Administrative
  • Collections and Insurance
  • Team Building
  • Practice Management Systems
  • Internal Marketing
  • Billing, Coding, Reimbursement
  • Communication
  • Scheduling

Total Team Package

You want to make your practice the best it can be. To help you and your team reach their full potential, Banta Consulting offers the Total TEAM Package. Whether you have a large or small practice, Banta’s SCI Approach (See, Commit, Implement) could be all that is separating your practice from excellence.