“Thank you for the great seminar that you did today at the University of Minnesota. One of the best, no, THE BEST seminar of its kind that I have seen. I have been in private practice for 34 years, and everything you said was right on. I have made most of the mistakes that you have talked about, and I wish I had heard you speak decades ago. I had to learn the hard way all of the things you brought up in one day. I hope that all of the younger dentists and their staffs listen to what you have to say. Thank you for a great seminar !”

Dr. Mark J. Johnson
Ednia, Minnesota

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for not wasting my time. By that I mean that I have been to other seminars that unfortunately taught me nothing that my common sense had not already taught me. As I told my employer I knew that this class was going to be worth my time and his money within the first five minutes of insurance tips. Your class was extremely informative and efficient. I look forward to trying to implement many of your ideas and techniques and of course finding my internal giggle!”

Susanne R.

“I am on my 19th year of dentistry and am always grateful to hear advice from someone with 30+ yrs and amazed that dentistry/public work hasn’t burned you good folks out. Thanks for providing such an informative course; I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.”

Crystal Hagan, DMD

“Thank you for all you have taught me - I look forward to learning from you in the future!!”

Monica, Desert Dentistry
Ahwatukee, Arizona

“I attended your course on Insurance Strategies That Work! Lots of good info. Thank you. I have been using your ‘picture’ narrative for 3 years with a lot of success.”

Cynthia Sulots
Insurance Appointment Coordinator
Valerie Hubbell, D.D.S.

“It's a must for the doctor and the entire staff to hear it from Lois! As a result of her knowledge and experience, we have grown tremendously in our business and she has motivated us to continue educating ourselves. Thanks again, Lois!”

Adriana M. Bove, DDS PA
Miami, FL

“She was fantastic. I was entranced for 3 hours and could have listened for 24...”

Catherine Roy
Wilmington, NC

“This was an excellent and extremely informative seminar. Lois is a high energy, humorous, effective speaker!”

Dr. Kelly Scanlon
Chicopee, MA

“Lois exemplifies the power of endless energy and fantastic skills/knowledge coming together to change lives. She is not only an outstanding communicator from the platform as a speaker, but has effectively worked with dental practices both nationally and internationally helping them enhance patient care and, through doing so, enhance the financial bottom line. Personally and professionally, Lois is truly a 'gift' to all who know her, the profession of dentistry, and anyone having the privilege of spending time with her.”

Vanessa Emerson
Directory of Dental Speakers