Banta Consulting and Jameson Management are two of the dental industry’s most established management consulting companies and are offering a groundbreaking, collaborative opportunity to clients who want to achieve the best results. Jameson Management and Banta Consulting have teamed up to further enhance the spectrum of service available to dentists and their teams as they work with not just one, but both prestigious firms. Together, you and your team will be able to receive even more support and expanded service than ever offered before in dental coaching.

Lois Banta of Banta Consulting is one of the most sought after speakers on practice management in the industry and has coached dentists and teams since 1996. Jameson Management, the management and marketing coaching firm of Drs. John and Cathy Jameson, has provided management consulting for more than 20 years worldwide and has provided full-service marketing to the dental industry since 2007.

The roots run deep in both companies, so while the two firms remain independent of each other, this creative, outside-the-box approach to teaming together for the client will provide individualized care depending on your practice needs – a refreshing opportunity to gain the best of two worlds for the betterment of your practicing life.

This collaboration was brought forth through conversations of how these two dynamic groups could further enhance what practice management can provide the industry. Ultimately, Lois and The Jameson Group both feel passionately that dentists have access to the best teachers and coaches possible that can help them grow and be successful. Our teaching philosophies work hand in hand together, which makes this collaboration work so well. It’s truly a win for all involved – especially you, our clients.

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