Custom Team Retreats

Your practice is unique, and you have unique challenges to overcome. That’s why Banta Consulting will work with you to design a custom retreat that meets the needs of your practice. You choose the location and the specific subjects that you would like to focus on. Retreats are a fun and effective way to improve your practice. Some topics include:

  • Implementing systems designed to lower accounts receivables and increase collections
  • Designing a better new patient experience
  • Improving communication and verbal skills between patient and dental team
  • Effective marketing of your dental practice-both internally and externally
  • How to improve the flow of your patient’s dental visit
  • Designing a custom treatment and consultation for better acceptance of treatment

With a custom-designed retreat from Banta Consulting, you will be on your way to achieving your goals for your practice. Take a look at the Retreat Questionnaire to get started, then call 816.847.2055 to reserve a time for your retreat!

“I am on my 19th year of dentistry and am always grateful to hear advice from someone with 30+ yrs and amazed that dentistry/public work hasn’t burned you good folks out. Thanks for providing such an informative course; I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.”

Adriana M. Bove, DDS PA Miami, FL

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for not wasting my time. By that I mean that I have been to other seminars that unfortunately taught me nothing that my common sense had not already taught me. As I told my employer I knew that this class was going to be worth my time and his money within the first five minutes of insurance tips. Your class was extremely informative and efficient. I look forward to trying to implement many of your ideas and techniques and of course finding my internal giggle!”

Susanne R.

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